DM 3000

DM 3000

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    DM 3000




DM 3000


Ease of Maintenance

- Snap-in Components

- Simple and rugged mechanics

Ease of Use

- Single Button Operation

- Fully automated calibration

Applicable Data Measurement

- Density

- Volume change

Densimeter for testing of individual samples with automated test sequence and internal self-calibration

The MonTech DM 3000 is a semi automated Densimeter.

The compact instruments is designed for rapid and accurate determination of specific gravity – with a simplifi ed, software guided operation up to 4 tests per minute can be performed.

The Densimeter utilizes the hydro-static method by comparing the weight of the sample in air as well as in an immersion liquid.

The operator simply hangs the sample from the balance and pushes the start button. A micro-processor then weighs the sample in air, automatically raises a beaker with the immersion liquid, takes the weight of the sample in the immersion liquid and lowers the beaker. This whole process is software guided and once the procedure is completed the density is displayed. Additionally the sample weight in air, weight in water, and the weight diff erence are also recorded and reported.

Scope of delivery

- Safety shield, mounted inside the instrument

- DM3000 Software for Density measurement

- Instruction Manual

- Standard accessories, cables


Measurement method

Hydro-static weighing method

Measured data

Density, Volume change

Weighing range

Weighing range

Sample weight

1.000 to 50.000 grams

Density range

0.50 – 10.00 g/cm³ (lower density range possible with anti-float or needle holder)

Complies with

ASTM D 297, ISO 2781, BS903

Resolution / Accuracy

1 Milligram / Better than ± 0.020%

Output languages

English, French, German, Russian (others on request)

Output interfaces

Serial (RS232), USB 2.0 optional


100 - 260 VAC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz +/- 5 Hz, 2 amp single phase


Needle type sample holder / Anti float bracket / Set of calibration weight / USB 2.0 interface adaptor


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