MDR 3000

MDR 3000

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MDR 3000

Oscillation strain

+/- 0.01° to 5°

Programmable via Software

Static testing

The MDR 3000 is the industry standard for measuring the viscoelastic properties of polymers and elastomeric compounds before, during and after cure. The acquired data is gives advanced information about processability, cure characteristics, cure speed, as well as the behavior of the compound after-cure at fixed, user selectable strain rates.

The instrument comes in the unique MonTech Series 3000 loadframe – industrial proof, fanless and ultra-rugged even for toughest production environments.

The reaction torque is measured by a high resolution, digital strain gauge assembly with integrated temperature compensation, making the MDR 3000 the most accurate and precise Moving Die Rheometer for static testing. Optionally, the instrument can be equipped with a combined torque / normal force sensor to assess blowing or sponging reactions of the tested material. For increased productivity and throughput, various types of highly reliable automation systems are also available.

Of course the MDR 3000 can be easily upgraded at a later stage to an MDR 3000 Professional to not only be able to run static but also dynamic test sequences.

Unique direct drive system

The instrument utilizes a direct, high-precision, gearless torque drive system mounted directly to the lower die assembly. Therefore, the oscillation angle can be directly changed in the MonControl software, making the instrument capable of always measuring materials in the optimal strain range. This feature significantly reduces signal noise, improving the accuracy of testing results. With this fully digital drive system, no mechanical strain adjustments are needed and the motor positioning is monitored and recorded throughout the test.

Automation options

All MonTech Moving Die Rheometers as well as Rubber Process Analyzers can be easily automated, allowing customers to increase productivity and release operators for other important tasks.

MonTech offers the worlds largest Rheometer Automation portfolio designed for our customers to rely on – in the lab or on the shopfloor, in multiple shifts, 365 days, every year. Depending on the selected type of automation system, samples are loaded and unloaded automatically from linear or rotary trays, film is fed and tested samples are removed automatically.

Of course, every automated machine can – within a single click – also be switched into manual operation mode.

Instrument options

For specific testing requirements MonTech offers a variety of instrument options to customize a testing solution exactly for your specific requirements:

– Forced air and low-temperature cooling systems

– Axial force transducers

– Cavity pressure control systems

– High speed data acquisition systems

– Data, IT and software integration

– Advanced productivity options


International standards

ISO 6502, ASTM D 5289, DIN 53529

Die configuration

Biconical, closed die system, sealed

Drive system

Direct, wearless servo drive system

Oscillation frequency

1.667 Hz

Oscillation strain

+/- 0.01° to 5° Programmable via Software

Temperature range

Ambient to 232 °C

Measured Data

Torque, temperature, frequency, strain Optional: Normal force

Calculated Data

S΄, S˝, S*, tan δ

Die gap

0.45 mm nominal

Sample volume

approx. 4.5 cm³

Drive system

Direct, wearless servo drive system

Closing system

Soft closing to prevent foil rips and damage of test sample

Torque range

Torque range

Temperature control system

Ambient to 232 °C, precision +/- 0.03 °C, Max. heating rate: 85°C/min, digital, microprocessor controlled

Temperature check system

Recordings of the temperature gradient on the screen, microprocessor monitored

Data Interface

Ethernet (10/100 MBit), USB (int.), CF card (int.), RS232 (opt.)

Data points

Over 3500 data points available for each test; Including S‘ Min, S‘ Max, TS 1, TS 2, TC 10, TC 30, TC 50, TC 90


min. 4.5 Bar / 60 psi


200 V - 240 V, 6 Amps, 50/60Hz

Instrument options

Instrument control panel with 5“ touchscreen display and printer; Normal force / Pressure measurement; Double channel forced air cooling system; Autoloader 5 or 10 sample linear; Autoloader with 24, 48 or 100 sample tray or tray changers; R-VS 3000 constant volume sample cutter



High volume vacuum handling of samples guarantee proper sample handling and placement.

Safe, reliable and automated sample removal and film advancement.


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